Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bolster Your Spirits Pillow

I have recently graduated from making garter stitch scarf to actually grasping the concept of knitting. I wanted a simple bolster pillow for my living room, so here the pattern. Materials
  1. A set of size 8 dpn or 16'' inch circulars ( I use circulars but dpns should work just fine)
  2. Tapestry Needle
  3. 1/4 bag of Poly-Fil
  4. Scraps of worsted weight yarn

CO 80 stitches; place marker, stockinette stitch in rounds until the tube of fabric is approximately 18'' inches in length (go longer if you'd like).


Once you have reached the desired length of pillow you would like, cut a extra long tail from the ball of yarn, thread on the tapestry needle and thread through all of the stitches remaining on the needles,pull tight, and fasten off. Next, stuff the pillow with the poly-fil. Finally cut a length of yarn of about 16'' inches and weave it through all the stitches on the opposite end, pull tight and fasten off.